October 18th
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October 16th

ALL VOTES are wasted Votes. Voting in the DEMOCRACY = SLAVERY = TYRANNY elections is a futile useless effort and a waste of civic efforts.

Elections just pacify (sometimes riles them up for a bit) the patsies and gives the CRIMINALS COVER.

The Buck doesn’t stop with Lame Duck Barack

Learn how to be Truely Free, Wake Up and work to regain our God Given FREEDOMS.

Join The Freedom Movement in America and over 80 countries in the world.

RepublicOfTheUnitedStates. org.


20101016 @ 0144
 Can guys please stop hating on him? I’m male and I love that album. I’m straight. What is so bad about him? What did he do to you? 
20101016 @ 0139
May 19th
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20100519 @ 1633
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20100519 @ 1633
 Britain invaded Ireland.The Irish were dispossessed of their land. Cromwell tried to destroy Catholicism. Catholics had no rights and their religion was banned. The country was split in 2 & the Catholic minority in Northern Ireland were subject to state sponsered discrimination on the same level as the blacks in the Southern states of the US. This sparked the formation of the PIRA in 1969 and led to 30 years of violence between the IRA & the British/Unionsts paramiltaries. Thats it in a nutshell. 
20100519 @ 1632
November 18th
 Thats not true, when a person go’s to Hell, not only will he or she be tormented by demons, they will also be alone in a burning hot area and it will be dark. In and around you there will be heard the screams of millions who thought they were good, nice and in the right faith, like you. For me it will be different, you see my name is written in the Book of life. You see that happened when I believed Jesus was Lord. Now world you like to know how to miss Hell? or would still like to argue? 
20091118 @ 2200
 You see that the problem is that the truth is True Chistian Faith, The Bible is the truth about life and Death. If you are not a true Christian, you will go to Hell. That is the Fact about life. Killing babies are just a small part of where the world is going. If you do not Believe that Jesus died for you sins, you will go to Hell. Fact. Its simple and to the point. Other Faiths are wrong and sending millions to Hell. Understand Satan is LOL at all those who are misled thinking like you. 

elijamesriggs on Blood Money Trailer

FYYTC gives you all the abortion goodness you can handle, in honor of the Stupak Ammendment, which, if passed, will be the biggest blow to reproductive and women’s rights in 40 years.

20091118 @ 2158

Imagine if we had clinics where toddlers were taken to have their arms and legs ripped off and their skull crushed.

Imagine our reaction.

It is only though the dehumanization of the pre-born child that abortion continues to exist. Like every other holocaust and genocide, dehumanization is what makes it successful.

20091118 @ 2151
 okay i will u tell u something
do whatever u want to do
u want to kill inocents babies kill them
do whatever u want
but ur mother did chose life why u dont
u will be judged by God at the time u die
and at the end of the days
and u will see all the mistakes u made
so i hope u guys dont think in abortion 
20091118 @ 2150