November 18th
 yes nipples at 1:27 but she has a horse face 
20091118 @ 2142
 LOLz at the tools here saying she’s ugly. You know damn well you wouldn’t kick her out of bed. Faggots. 
20091118 @ 2139
20091118 @ 2136
November 15th
20091115 @ 0941
October 25th



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1. loog a his lirow nose

2. there is some shit I will not eat

3. LISN bud LISN

4. this i bad sorry to saY

5. leave her alone
she’s not your gal

6. She is Lucifierian !

7. THuNdeRB
loSSo!M iN

8. aThe):l

9. stunned. i. am. stunned. every question speaks to us

10. What is nothing?

— For the answers, head on over to where we stole this awesome quiz from: McSweeney’s Internet Tendency.
20091025 @ 2134
October 14th
 Many feel this woman is not ‘qualified’ to discuss this topic. For millenia elder women have gathered in Circles in villages to discuss ALL aspects of Life based on their experiences. These women, our ancestors, taught their young the Power and Sanctity and Vulnerability of their wombs. Our ancestors did not need Master’s degrees and PhDs to open up an honest conversation. In this age of casual sex/sexual predation, women need to learn ALL there is to be kown about what their womb holds. 
20091014 @ 0004
October 13th
 As a man who regularly hits all back walls, I know this woman knows her shit. YOU, obviously, have no experience in having your back blown out, and therfore need to leave the sex to the experts. 
20091013 @ 2355
 Masters and Johnson studied this and explained it on an intellectual, educated manner… This is just ghetto ebonics speak for those who when to jungle college. 
20091013 @ 2354
October 9th
 This is like the nicest way to tell your girl to get off her lazy ass and get a fuckin job. 
20091009 @ 1031
 ur mom giving u birth is a joke, she wasn’t expecting u to be so stupid as u r. 
20091009 @ 1026